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Herbert West has a very good head on his shoulders... [entries|friends|calendar]
Re-Animator Slash

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Sacrifices - Chapter 7 [25 Aug 2012|10:04am]

[ mood | melancholy ]

Rating: a big, gooey R!

Summary: finally, a freakin’ zombie. Also cuteness from the boys, gratuitous violence, and an almost-satisfying conclusion.

Recap of the story thus far:

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

In retrospect, Dan found the term “black fever” was a fairly accurate descriptorCollapse )
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Sacrifices – Chapter 6 [18 Aug 2012|04:47pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Rating: PG for carping, frippery, and general cattiness

Summary: Clarendon smugs up the place, plans are undone, and we finally see what Dan has in his little bag.(hint:not a wrench)

Clarendon studied West with growing shockCollapse )
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Sacrifices – Chapter 5 [11 Aug 2012|09:51am]

[ mood | tired ]

Rating: TMT for TOO MUCH TALKING. Sheesh(also wanton cruelty to the common comma)

Summary: plans are made, old men are tied up, and something finally happens. Maybe?

Dan blinked. And Herbert, as always, was Herbert.Collapse )
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[06 May 2012|08:54pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Okay... I dunno how to do this, really but I thought I'd post my Re-animator fic for you guys to read.
Synopsis: Herbie has been weaning himself off of the re-agent and Dan has to help him.
It's not much. I wrote it a long time ago.
Hope Y'all like it.
All I know to do is supply my link to it. *SOB* It's  up here on LJ

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Two "Broverse" Fics [29 Jan 2012|02:18pm]

[ mood | sore ]

Whoops, looks like I forgot to crosspost the previous one, so just like being with the twins themselves, I'm going to double your pleasure!

Title: It's What's Inside That Counts
Fandom: Re-Animator/From Beyond (Bro'verse)
Pairing: Herbert/Dan, background Crawford/Bubba
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 4028
Summary: Cutting to the chase: It's a bodyswap fic.
A/N: Uhm, warning for 85% more Pretorius than previous story.

(Surely even someone like that can focus on work when there's work to be done.)

Title: Things in Common
Fandom: Re-Animator/From Beyond (Bro'verse)
Pairings: Herbert/Dan; Crawford/Bubba
Rating: PG-13 (thematic elements)
Word Count: 2415
Summary: Herbert takes exception to his brother's taste in men.

(I am appalled to share DNA with you.)

Bro'verse Master Post: HERE
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Hello! :D [29 Jan 2012|02:16pm]

I had no idea that there was a whole LJ community for Re-Animator slash! The fact that there is totally made my week! :D 

I haven't written alot of Dan/Herbert lately, but here's one I wrote last week that I hope you all might enjoy. :3

Title: Quiet Nights
Fandom: Re-Animator
Pairing: Dan/Herbert
Timeframe: After Beyond Re-Animator
Summary: Herbert realizes that he’s got nowhere else to go, and shows up at Dan’s doorstep with little to say, and nothing to really offer. But will Dan take back the man that ruined his life? Or will he send him out into the cold, quiet night.

Read it Here: 
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Dead girls aren't easier [24 Jan 2012|07:36am]

title: Dead girls aren't easier
genre: horror, comedy
fandom: Reanimator
rating : 16 or NC-17
warning : negrophilia, politically incorrect humor
disclaimer: Reanimator and Herbert West belong to H.P.Lovecraft.
summary: Her lips were full and heart shaped. He touched them with the fingertip of the other hand and followed its shape. So soft and vulnerable.

Read more...Collapse )
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Check out this drawing that a kind lady did for me on deviantART! [01 Jan 2012|05:38pm]

[ mood | complacent ]

I told a wonderful woman called Matsutakedo that I love re-animator and she kindly drew me this adorable work of art. Please complement her,If you wish. She loves flattering!

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Cold Ethyl [31 Dec 2011|07:14am]

Title : Cold Ethyl
Rating: 16
warning: implied negrophilia
Genre: Horror,
Beta : di _glossia, Thanks !
Disclaimer : “Herbert West” is a character created by H.P. Lovecraft
Summary : Don´t trust strangers and don´t trust dates , either. Especially not Herbert West.Or why Herbie hasn't a girlfriend.
Read more...Collapse )
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Re-Animator/From Beyond, "With Friends (and Family) Like These..." [29 Dec 2011|01:11pm]

Title: With Friends (and Family) Like These...
Fandom: Re-Animator/From Beyond (Bro'verse)
Pairings: Herbert/Dan, Dan/Crawford UST (agh, still!?), Crawford/Other UST
Rating: PG-13 (sexual innuendo)
Word Count: 2897
Summary: Crawford's quiet night-in does not go as planned. At least he makes a new friend.
A/N: Happy New Year! Let's ring it in with an all-Crawford fic!

Bro'verse Master Post: HERE

(This guy looks like a pervert. He hasn't *touched* you, has he?)
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Salutations From Teddy Whazz [22 Dec 2011|11:24pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

Hello. I'm New Here,Obviously. I call myself Teddy Whazz,elsewhere. I'm a major jeffrey combs fanatic and I started collecting the movies he's been in after I met him earlier this year. I grew up watching him on star trek:deep space nine. jeffrey has unwitingly helped me through phases of depression.
Of course,I deeply love re-animator and more importantly,herbert west.
I've writen some slashy fan fiction on re-animator,but I've since lost them. However,I have experienced a sudden rekindling of my inspiration and am in the process of preparing myself to write a few things.
I'm sorry,also,if i was not supposed to post anything here...I'm new at this sort of forum/group. I'm used to a much more impersonal kind that doesn't allow much. sorry.

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It's a Very Bro'verse Christmas [17 Dec 2011|12:14am]

[ mood | festive ]

Title: The Perks
Fandom: Re-Animator/From Beyond (Bro'verse)
Pairing: Herbert/Dan
Rating: NC-17 (explicit sexual situations)
Word Count: 3874
Summary: Dan and Herbert try to take their new relationship to the next level. Crawford is unwittingly a cockblock.
A/N: MERRY CHRISTMAS! And if anyone is thinking that there hasn't been quite enough Crawford in these lately, don't worry. New Year's more than makes up for it.

Bro'verse Master Post: HERE

(We talked about this. No maiming during the holidays.)

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Fic: A Jungle Hook-Up [28 Nov 2011|12:31am]

Pairing: Herbert/Dan
Rating: NC-17 (PWP)
Word Count: 1181
Summary: Some canoodling while in Peru
A/N: Basically, I'm practicing my porn writing. My first non-"Bro'verse" fic in a while.

(Dan was starting to like the look of Herbert West overall.)
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Fic: Re-Animator/From Beyond, "The First Step is Admitting It" [21 Nov 2011|10:06pm]

Title: The First Step is Admitting It
Fandom: Re-Animator/From Beyond (Bro'verse)
Pairing: Herbert/Dan
Rating: PG-13 (language, some blood)
Word Count: 4777
Summary: Dan spends Thanksgiving with Herbert, Crawford, and their older sister, Jeanine. There's food, fighting, and awkward emotional revelations.
A/N: This Thanksgiving I am thankful for wemblee who is an awesome beta.

Bro'verse Master Post: HERE

(At first I wondered what kind of man Herbert West would attach himself to. But lately, I've wondered more what sort of man attaches himself to Herbert West.)
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Fic: Re-Animator/From Beyond, "On the Open Road" [09 Nov 2011|05:30am]

Title: On the Open Road
Fandom: Re-Animator/From Beyond (Bro'verse)
Pairing: Herbert/Dan UST
Rating: R (strong language, sorta animal cruelty)
Word Count: 2516
Summary: Dan, Herbert, and Crawford. In a car. For sixteen hours.
A/N: Like to thank ocelli who probably doesn't even remember suggesting a Bro-verse road trip, but did. Also, sort of stole a scene from Starman.

Bro'verse Master Post: HERE

(Shut up and stop throwing things. Jesus, it's like taking a trip with a seven-year-old.)
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fic: [s]Five Times[/s] One Time Herbert Held Dan With No Ulterior Motive [28 Oct 2011|11:17pm]

Title: Five Times One Time Herbert Held Dan With No Ulterior Motive
Pairing: Herbert/Dan (PG)
Warning/Contains: Deals with the death of a parent. Established relationship. Middle-aged Herbert & Dan. Sappy. Probably an AU where Beyond Re-Animator didn't happen.
Word Count: 795
Summary: Dan's mom dies. Herbert has to be human.

( It had come to him when he was lugging the body out of the car. )

Fake lj-cut leads to my journal.
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Fic: Re-Animator/From Beyond, "Burning Glances, Turning Heads" [19 Oct 2011|10:29pm]

[ mood | good ]

Title: Burning Glances, Turning Heads
Fandom: Re-Animator/From Beyond (Bro'verse)
Pairing: Herbert/Dan UST; Dan/OFC
Rating: PG-13 (language)
Word Count: 2870
Summary: Dan tries to have a normal date with a normal woman at a normal masked Halloween ball. Cue hijinks!
A/N: Title is lyrics from "Masquerade" from Andrew Lloyd-Webber's The Phantom of the Opera. Because I'm lame.

Bro'verse Master Post: HERE

(And just like that, Dan was left remembering when he was ditched at his sophomore homecoming dance.)

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fic: the price of a cocktail [02 Oct 2011|05:21am]

Title: The Price Of A Cocktail
Author: expectustotango (Orthrus)
Fandom: Re-Animator
Word Count: 1,243
Summary: ALL ABOUT EVE DRAG QUEEN AU. Carl Hill is Bette Davis. Herbert West is Anne Baxter. Fuck yes.
Rating: PG? No sex or making out, some uncomfortable language.
Warning: Laughable, possibly offensive lack of knowledge about drag queens IRL. (Having seen Priscilla, some of Paris Is Burning and a few eps of Ru Paul's Drag Race != research.) Cheesy metaphors. WIP, probably never to be finished. If you wanna take a crack at continuing it, feel free, as long as you're cool with the possibility of me picking this back up and writing my own version of an ending.


The door opened with a creak. 'Madame Divine?' That didn't sound like the cute Filipino delivery boy.Collapse )
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Fic: Change of Plans (x-over with From Beyond) [01 Oct 2011|05:31pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Title: Change of Plans
Fandom: Re-Animator/From Beyond (Bro-verse)
Pairing: The usual mess of Dan/Herbert UST and Dan/Crawford UST, but not as prominent.
Rating: PG-13 (swearing, violence)
Word Count: 2404
Summary: Per wemblee's request:
Dan and Herbert need to impress some dude that's willing to fund their crazy re-animation experiments! He's coming over for dinner and everything better go without a hitch! But Herbert gets knocked unconscious or something and Crawford has to pretend to be him! Shenanigans!
A/N: And for some reason I felt the need for continuity in this 'verse. Takes place after A Question of Perception.

Bro'verse Master Post: HERE

(Upstairs. Herbert's room. He's got like twelve identical white shirts and black pants. Oh, and don't worry. He's not dead, but possibly in a coma.)

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Fic: A Question of Perception (x-over with From Beyond) [24 Sep 2011|10:21pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Title: A Question of Perception
Fandom: Re-Animator/From Beyond
Pairing: Herbert/Dan UST; Dan/Crawford UST
Rating: PG-13 (thematic elements)
Word Count: 2091
Summary: Crawford spends a night at Herbert and Dan's house.
A/N: Another installment in the Bro-verse as seen in It's the Thought that Counts. This story includes a mention of another important part of this 'verse: an older sister.

Bro'verse Master Post: HERE

(Can you imagine being so closely related to someone so...soggy?)

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