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Two "Broverse" Fics

Whoops, looks like I forgot to crosspost the previous one, so just like being with the twins themselves, I'm going to double your pleasure!

Title: It's What's Inside That Counts
Fandom: Re-Animator/From Beyond (Bro'verse)
Pairing: Herbert/Dan, background Crawford/Bubba
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 4028
Summary: Cutting to the chase: It's a bodyswap fic.
A/N: Uhm, warning for 85% more Pretorius than previous story.

(Surely even someone like that can focus on work when there's work to be done.)

Title: Things in Common
Fandom: Re-Animator/From Beyond (Bro'verse)
Pairings: Herbert/Dan; Crawford/Bubba
Rating: PG-13 (thematic elements)
Word Count: 2415
Summary: Herbert takes exception to his brother's taste in men.

(I am appalled to share DNA with you.)

Bro'verse Master Post: HERE
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Crawford Tillinghast, From Beyond

Hello! :D

I had no idea that there was a whole LJ community for Re-Animator slash! The fact that there is totally made my week! :D 

I haven't written alot of Dan/Herbert lately, but here's one I wrote last week that I hope you all might enjoy. :3

Title: Quiet Nights
Fandom: Re-Animator
Pairing: Dan/Herbert
Timeframe: After Beyond Re-Animator
Summary: Herbert realizes that he’s got nowhere else to go, and shows up at Dan’s doorstep with little to say, and nothing to really offer. But will Dan take back the man that ruined his life? Or will he send him out into the cold, quiet night.

Read it Here: 

Dead girls aren't easier

title: Dead girls aren't easier
genre: horror, comedy
fandom: Reanimator
rating : 16 or NC-17
warning : negrophilia, politically incorrect humor
disclaimer: Reanimator and Herbert West belong to H.P.Lovecraft.
summary: Her lips were full and heart shaped. He touched them with the fingertip of the other hand and followed its shape. So soft and vulnerable.

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Cold Ethyl

Title : Cold Ethyl
Rating: 16
warning: implied negrophilia
Genre: Horror,
Beta : di _glossia, Thanks !
Disclaimer : “Herbert West” is a character created by H.P. Lovecraft
Summary : Don´t trust strangers and don´t trust dates , either. Especially not Herbert West.Or why Herbie hasn't a girlfriend.
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overworked and all that
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Re-Animator/From Beyond, "With Friends (and Family) Like These..."

Title: With Friends (and Family) Like These...
Fandom: Re-Animator/From Beyond (Bro'verse)
Pairings: Herbert/Dan, Dan/Crawford UST (agh, still!?), Crawford/Other UST
Rating: PG-13 (sexual innuendo)
Word Count: 2897
Summary: Crawford's quiet night-in does not go as planned. At least he makes a new friend.
A/N: Happy New Year! Let's ring it in with an all-Crawford fic!

Bro'verse Master Post: HERE

(This guy looks like a pervert. He hasn't *touched* you, has he?)