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Herbert West has a very good head on his shoulders...

And another in a dish on his desk.

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Re-Animator Slash
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As the name implies, this is a community for people who like Re-Animator slash. Most commonly Dan/Herbert, but if you come up with any other permutations of bodies, I'll be pleased to hear it.

Rules, such as they are

1. Content should have something to do with Re-Animator and, ideally, slash.

2. The term 'content' should be self-explanatory, but just in case... acceptable content includes fiction, art, icons or graphics, links, etc. Idle questions or theorizing is tolerated but not encouraged, seeing as after awhile it gets sort of dull.

3. Lj-cut is your friend. Use it for long fiction entries, list-y things, and large pictures.

Technically, drworm is the moderator. He might be sarcastic at you if you're naughty.

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